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I am a SBF. Just got off the Glory on 10/06 with VTG. It was fun, but not a lot of African American's in the group. I see you do not want cruise during the holidays, but I would love to go aroung NYE. I too would like to spend time with my grandkids and daughter/family at Christmas. I live in No CA., near S.F

I love the Carribean, but have been looking at the Mexico cruise for economical reasons. The cruiselines tend raise their prices at holiday time.

VTG has a 7 night cruise on the Carnival Valor for $1,035, including port charges, which isn't bad. Go to their site Vacations to Go and look at the hosted singles tours page. We had 3 funtions:
1. Mascarade Ball
2. Pirate Party
3. Hawaiian Party
Most people participated, but I like my alone time, so I ventured off to other things.

I'm interested in sailing again within the next 6 months. I saw Angelgirl's post and looked at the post. The price is nice, but during Christmas.

What ships are you interested in? I'm 52/single, state employee (30 years), and have been on 11 cruises, RCCL NCL and Carnival. Hard to find a relible travel partner. When it times to book, people always excuses, bt this does not stop me, which is why I sailed with the group this time.

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