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Cues, Oh I forgot completely about the a/c thing. Everyone was rushing out to the gift shop to buy those $10 shawls to stay warm. I bet they made a killing on them. I also noticed people in the theatre in their bathrobes, but didn't realize it was because it so cold. I thought they had just got out of bed lol!
It was so odd because you could have hung meat in the back of the theatre, and it was still cold but not as bad in the front. Then when you went to the very back of the ship on a few of the decks (I can't recall which now) it was very hot. So it was like going through cold, hot cold etc. Our family had these tickly coughs while we were on the ship. Once we got home it cleared up. I still think the ventilation system on that ship needs a good cleaning. My allergies never bother me on a cruise. because the air is so clean most of the time. I'd like to hear more about the BOSS excursion. Please do share! Is it like the BOBS where you wear a helmet that supplies air while you are under water?

Thanks for being honest and letting me know I am not losing my mind. I appreciate it

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