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You have to take a lot of things written about cruise ships as an opinion. I went on the Triumph a year ago, found no problems. HOWEVER, I walked onto the ship NOT LOOKING for any problems. Some spend the cruise looking at every little detail and nook and cranny. I'm sure they mean no harm.
You are going on a cruise to have fun, relax, etc. etc. - not spend your time critiquing the ship. Some ships are getting to the refurbish due dates. Everything wears and deteriorates and one just has to understand that all of them can not be refurbished at once.
I suppose if all the little insignificant things bothered me on a cruise, I wouldn't book on a ship that hadn't been refurbished in the last few years.
Point is, if you go for the cruise itself - romance, gambling, drinking, eating, dancing, dressing up, ports, shows, etc. etc - you'll love it even though you may notice a burned out bulb.

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