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I will be 2 months out from a RouxN-Y, when I go on my 14 day cruise in Oct. I have done perfectly well since surgery. No nausea or pain and I have tolerated everything I have eaten. Beef is the only thing I will not have advanced to when I go. I still stay away from, sugar and alcohol and white breads. Some foods I can eat a cup of, but it varies. Some mornings, water is an issue to get down. But I learn to deal. I am a nurse as well, and have in the past taken care of gastric bypass patients. Believe me, things have really changed and thank God it has. It has really helped that my surgeon has an awesome team of nurses and a nutrionist who only works with weight loss surgery patients.
I am looking forward to getting up in the mornings and walking around the track. Only draw back is having to wait until the 11th hour to pack because my sizes keep is good!
Just be comfortable with your surgeon and be informed!
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