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When my husband and I went on a cruise back in 2003, I was 3 months post op RNY. Of course at that time I could hardly eat anything. And you know how much food there is on a cruise! Well, every night, the waiter 'Harvender' would go on and on about me not eating anything. "Did I not like it?" "I shouldn't be dieting while on a cruise..." etc etc. It was quite funny. I would cut my food up into small pieces and kind of stir it up so it wouldn't look like I hadn't eaten much. Then he would pick on me about "mutilating my food". When it came around to dessert time, I would order sugar fat free dessert. He would then say I shouldn't be dieting while on a cruise. Finally our last night I told him my 'reasoning' for my "nibbling". I don't think he understood what it was though. ...anyhow, it was a cruise to remember. And he was a great waiter.
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