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we got off the triumph 9 22, cabin 7429 aft and had the stench in our cabin. after the 3rd trip tp the purser when i told them we were getting off in st thomas, to get paperwork ready, they finally got serious and 2 workers found that a vent door had been left open on the 11th floor, near a cooking area and it was letting an odor comparable to rancid cooking oil come down and into our room. even changing bedding every night did not help. we ended up staying in the casino til it closed 2:30 or 3 and and losing a bunch. could that have been carnivals plan all along? only kidding of course. i agree the ship is BADLY in need of a refitting as beenie says, but also in need of personnell attitude that we experienced. i earlier posted of some of our bad experiences and in all fairness there were some good times. it was hard to be objective after all the other bad things that happened
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