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Originally Posted by LisaK
msmarvel - trying to "smuggle"aboard alcohol is against ships policies. Do people do it, unfortunately yes, does that make it right??? there are many stories of passengers doing it successfully, but on the other hand, we are hearing more stories of alcohol being seized by security at boarding and held for you until the end of cruise, have even heard a few stories of security personnel making passengers empty their bottles.
I am well aware that HAL only allows you to bring wine and champagne on board, as far as alcohol is concerned. I'm not planning on bring a gallon jug of Malibu rum or anything - but I may bring on a 20 oz bottle of Malibu "water". Unless they open up and taste every bottle of water that is brought on board, I think it will get through. If not, oh well, there's $10 down the proverbial drain.

Don't worry, the ship will make plenty of money as I'm sure I'll try the cocktail of the day (a few times a day) at the very least.

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