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Strange that none of the regulars has responded to your question. You will certainly need a jacket for the first two days. Even once you hit Florida you can hit coolish weather--we docked in Miami when it was 33 degrees F. It seems you have to go about another 1000 miles south before you are guaranteed hot weather. It certainly complicates the packing when you may be going from winter snow to tropical heat. You should see us running through the snow at the airport in our shoes and light jacket when we fly. Even more hilarious on our return (remember the movie "Cool Runnings" about the Jamaican bobsled team landing in Calgary). We have learned to leave winter jackets and boots with whoever is coming to pick us up, or in our vehicle at the airport.....chilly!! Once aboard ship, you will likely want to wear more than shorts, tank and flip-flops for the first couple days.
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