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Originally Posted by Joe323
"Dad on the other hand, seemed not to enjoy the experience nearly as much. He spent the entire cruise checking out all of the burnt out light bulbs and keeping track to see if they were replaced (not my idea of a vacation). It is now 6 years later and we are planning our next cruise for May on the Miracle... "

Actually my cabin 1201 on the Miracle had a burned out light bulb on the side of the Mirror. Was going to mention it to the cabin Steward but was too busy having fun

Don't worry about little stuff just have fun.
I can beat that. . . .

Last week on the Glory one afternoon all the electricity along one entire hall of the Empress deck went out except for the TV's. Well I called up and reported it. I have an inside cabin w/o window. Therefore, I turned the tv on to a nice bright channel, got dressed by the light of the TV and went on my merry way for the remainder of the day. When I returned to my cabin that evening, like magic I had lights again. Did it effect my cruise experience. Not even one tiny bit. I just remembered when you mentioned light bulbs. Also, my toilet had some flushing issues. Again reported it and carried on as usual. Before you can say, "Charmaine is so squeezably soft" the problem was fixed. These little things happen even at home except on a ship you just make a quick phone and continue about the business of having a ball.
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