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There are no passenger cabins Physically below the Riviera deck. What you are seeing is a discount pricing for taking any available Inside Stateroom instead of picking a specific cabin on a specific deck. Pay that price and you are guaranteed a cabin of at least that type or better. You pay the cheapest price to get on the ship and usually get bumped up a deck or two. If Inside Staterooms are selling faster than Ocean View then you might even get upgraded so they can sell more Inside Staterooms. Rare but it happens.

The rooms are all the same so it doesn’t matter what deck you are on. The higher on the ship the higher the price, but no other advantage than being closer to the Lido deck. To me the Empress is the best since it’s between two residential decks with almost no noise from public areas. The cruise line believes that too since most of the Cat 11 suites for new ships are on the Empress deck. They still charge more for the higher decks.

You should also see the same type of discount for “guaranteed? Ocean View (OV) and Balcony (BL) rooms. Sometimes Carnival runs a Past Guest promotion that will allow you to pay the IS, OV, or BL price and still pick your deck and room.
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