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I just received a promotional email from RCCL. I put a call into them.

I asked the sales rep, "Is there any way or in any circumstances that RCCL will charge less than 200% to a solo cruiser in a cabin alone."

Simple answer was, . . . . NO! :evil:

I am a frequent cruiser. Solo by design. As a result of Carnival's ability and willingness to allow me to book their lowest category of cabin (Cat. 1A) for 150% or less of the cost of their next cat. up (Cat. 4), I am able to afford to cruise 3 times a year without breaking the bank. Any loss in cabin revenue is made up in spades by my S&S bill. This last cruise I ended up at a modest $603 in onboard charges. On the Liberty, I topped out at $1,396 . There is no way Carnival lost a nickel by not having a second person in my cabin.

The RCCL rep suggested I do a letter writing campaign. I told him that RCCL powers that be know full and well about the small but growing market of solo cruisers and right now they have decided not to try to attract our business. I told the young man that I would not waste a stamp b/c RCCL knows we are out there.

Hence, RCCL can put bells on their shoes and sparkles in their hair but until they figure out a pricing schedule that is conductive to solo cruisers, I am sticking with Carnival. Also, because of the lack of incentive, a solo cruiser will have scant company on RCCL.

7 days on Victory to Southern Carib will cost me roughly $600 Fall, 2008.

7 days on RCCL AOS to Southern Carib will cost me roughly $1,100 same time of the year.

I can't justify the extra $500. That is my "extra" mid-winter 5 day (i have to get away from snow) cruise right there.

RCCL is missing the boat!!
(cruzin' solo by design)

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