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Originally Posted by BobMiller
I understand what you mean by comparing Carnival to K-Mart after seeing the Travel Channel show. Just remember that Samantha Brown makes any place look better .

To me the difference is more like staying at a Marriot instead of a Westin hotel or 4 Seasons. The rooms and service are still great but you don't have to spend high end money and may not get a few extras that you would get for spending more.

From what I understand from multiple people is that Carnival has bigger rooms with more storage and has better food in the formal dinning room. Add that to the cheaper price to visit the same port of calls and I'm sold on Carnival.

Most of the recent reviews have been by seasoned cruisers and tend to be nit picky. You mentioned the lack of the “Oh Wow? factor, it’s still there, we’re just too cool to express it now :P. For instance my DW and I took our 3rd cruise last year with friends that had never cruised before. We’re all like, “Hmm the foods not as good as we hoped?, “Our servers are good but not as good as last time.? “Why isn’t the cabin steward around more??. Our friends were saying “You must be kidding, this is Fantastic? “Best service we’ve ever seen?. They liked it so much they just got back from their 3rd cruise in 1 year.

It’s all a matter of perspective. Don’t let someone else’s opinion scare you. You should have a great time on any of the reputable ships. Yeah, you could have paid more to maybe get more, and maybe been just a little more impressed, buy hey don’t start at the top, Check out cheap initially and look forward to trying out the more expensive ones later.
As one of the R rated midnight comedians Marvin Bell put it (Paraphrasing of course as this is a family board) I hate people who whine about everything on a ship. Your on vacation you don't have to do laundry wash dishes clean the toilet etc) and your going to complain!!!
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