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Actually there are 3 laundries on the Pearl. We sailed her last month to Alaska and I did my laundry (same as on the Jewel in April) and it's great. There are 3 washers and 3 dryers, 2 ironing boards, 2 irons and a laundry tray. Powdered soap is $1.00 a box from a vending machine, but I just bring gel packs as they are easy to travel with and have to scent/dyes in them. There is no cost and a load to wash and dry takes a little over an hour unless you are doing jeans.
I always warn everyone to bring sanitizer for their hands as this is the only place on the ship you won't find any (how strange is that?).
I love doing my laundry on the ship as it means I don't have to pack as much, I usually meet someone new, and I get away from the hectic pace for a while.
We take large plastic shopping bags (one for whites/one for darks) with us and that's how I tote everything back and forth. Don't forget to put some dryer sheets in a ziplock. You can use them for laundry and to freshen those stinky sneakers!
Best time to do laundry is the middle of the night-- I usually come back from a long port day a little early and that way I get things done ahead of the pack.
Enjoy your cruise and feel free to ask any other questions.
Bon Voyage!
D Ann
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