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Hi Guys:

We are so glad someone else will be on this incredible voyage Dec 15-26th. I guess we may not have to take up knitting on board afterall!

We're from Toronto. Believe it or not, the last cruise I was on was in 1981 - so long ago, when the old Rotterdam at 38,000 tones was a large ship. Javier has yet to be on a cruise.

We're in Acapulco the day before the cruise at the gay B&B Casa Condesa and then have four nights (Dec 26-30) after the cruise at the Embassy Suites in San Juan.

I was so excited last month, when I logged on to to find they assign our cabin already, with an outstanding upgrade. Just for the fun of it I Googled Island Princess and the cabin number hoping to see an actual picture of the cabin and found someone’s personal website about the Island Princess and the pros and cons of various balcony locations. There were deck plans showing which balconies were covered or uncovered, and how private the balconies are. He obviously spent a great deal of time, with the deck plans and balcony pictures. So if you have not been onboard the Island Princess before and are curious about the balconies, check out this guys site.

We are so jazzed about this ship. It’s bound to be just an incredible voyage!
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