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Originally Posted by Divemaster
Some folks, myself included, favor Japanese Sake, which is not typically carried aboard, nor served at dinner. You are correct in that clear liquids carried in ziplocked water bottles will usually make it aboard HAL. Have fun - may do the Zuiderdam with my 12 year old kiddo again over Turkey day since he has yet to dive Grand Turk. 8)

BTW, Halfmoon Cay has horses.
After reading some rum reviews, I may go with a darker rum, which I guess means using ice tea bottles. lol. I've tried sake a few times, and not developed a taste for it. But my friend in LA likes it and orders it anytime he's out here and we meet for sushi.

I know Halfmoon Cay has the horses, but since that's a tender and more time consuming off/on the ship, I don't know if I want to lug my jeans around all day. I'll probably try the horse ride/swim on Grand Turk, since I can more easily ditch the horsey clothes and get back on the island.

I'm stopping at my nearest dive shop this week to get some little water lockers. And I'm going to check out their dive class schedule.


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