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Originally Posted by mmg84
so i did my drug test last wednesday and i'm pretty sure the mmd fingerprinting is next. I was reading the application and it says i have to have 3 letters of recomendation. what kind of letters are they looking for? from employers or people that know you personally?
Also how long did it take you to get on board from the time you took your drug test till the time you left for md training?
If you are applying for NCLA you will not need the letters of recommendation.

You should get the results of the medical in about 10 days after you get tested. Once they clear you will get a call from your RA asking you when you are free to set up your flight to the REC. For my wife and I our medical was cleared on a Wenesday and we were flown to the REC on the following Tuesday. In Boston they only do apps on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday so we actually got scheduled the next available day.

The MMD app was painless. We showed the examiner our documents and got sworn in. We got fingerprinted and that was it. We were at the REC for 40 minutes tops. The examiner at the REC said expect 2 to 3 weeks for the card to arrive, but because its a slow time of year for them right now, expect about a week to two. From what our RA said we should expect to leave for training at PP by the end of October.

We attended the job fair and accecpted positions with NCLA on September 13. They said from start to finish the whole process would be 4 to 6 weeks. If all goes smoothly, it will be 6 weeks for us until we're at training. This includes my wife and I taking a week and a half off for a cruise If it werent for the cruise, chances are we'd have out flight info for PP right now.
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