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Originally Posted by Only1Cruise
The blowdryer is needed because, in my experience, the ones provided are not usually strong enough to dry my hair in under 1/2 hour! If you can guarantee that HAL's dryers are decent, I will definitely concede and leave mine at home.

Rechargeable batteries? Oh yes! I have 2 digital cameras and expect to take a minimum of 1,500 photos. (My mother is suffering the onset of dementia and I want to have many [MANY!] pictures for her to look at in years to come - she may not remember being there, but at least she can enjoy them!)

There you have justification for power bars, blowdryers and battery rechargers.

No need to justify these. Some people think one person's necessities are their junk. There are many other items that people pack that I feel are completely worthless but to them they are essential. Pack what's right for you just remember you'll have to carry it.

BTW: The hairdryers, on most ships, are more powerful now then they were a few years ago.

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