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Default Much to my dismay, my next cruise will be with RCCL

Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Carnival has decided to stick it to the solo cruisers by charging them 200% of not only most cabin fares but also the port charges, effective 09/29/07 for all cruises that begin after 12/01/07. Previously they only charged a solo for one port fee, using the theory that they charged port charges by the person and not the cabin occupancy. :evil:

I tried to book the John Heald Bloggers cruise today and was given a cost of $719. After not receiving my confirmation, I sent an email to the TA and was told over the phone about the new port charge policy at Carnival. I even called Carnival myself and was told the particulars. It seems as though they want to make a few extra dollars off of solo cruisers who are already paying more because they occupy a cabin alone.

Well it is not the money but the principal (part of it is the money). Therefore, I went looking for another cruise and found that, as it now stands, many of Carnivals cruises are now more costly for solos than RCCL and in a few cases, even Century.

Hence, I found a 4 nighter on RCCL Navigator for $425. I booked it. I will now look for a cheapie last minute 3, 4 or 5 nighter to join with this one and so a b2b (any cruiseline that ports near the Navigator). If now, this is a good short test run for RCCL.

Truth be told, I have been on so many of Carnival's ships that it is all starting to be the same ole thing. My last cruise on the Glory lacked some spark because the ship is a twin to my Liberty cruise right down to the same identical performancers, comedians, same jokes, tricks, songs, and show productions.

I figured that my cruise on the Freedom would be another identical twin but for the price of $719 on a brand new ship, what the heck.

In all honesty, I have been wanting to try RCCL, Century, NCL and Princess out for a while and this may be just the motivation to make me do it.

Also, RCCL does not charge 200% for their bottom category cabins for a solo. They were only charging 150% for this particular cruise and many of their others.

Carnival is gonna lost a few customers because of this new policy. Oh well.
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