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Yes there are adult areas and programs.

First there is the spa which does cost extra but very nice.

there is an adult only pool with 2 adult only hot tubs.

Quiet Cove coffee shop is adult only. Theyhave speciality coffee's and pastires for purchase with lots of comfy couches to relax on with big screen TV's in the place.

Palos restaurant is for adults only. You must make a reservation to get in. They offer a dinner and a brunch. There is a small cover charge of either $10 or $15 per person but it is really well worth it.
Itis about a 2 hour experience and suit and nice dress is required.

Art of Entertaining series is for adults too.
many different culinary demonstrations with samples for several days.

Wine tasting seminars

Martini tasting seminars

Bingo is for adults toplay but kids can attend.

all the regular musicals are for everyone but later at night from 9:00 p.m. the club area is adult only.

They have one club that has a piano bar with live music

another club that had skits and music and dancing. If your on the Magic it is a live band
On the Wonder it is CD's and a DJ.

the 3rd club is a sports bar with activities and snacks as well as TV's with sports on them.

Also they have adult comedy show
adult magician or Juggler show depending on which ship your on and who is performing that week. these shows are around 10 p.m. and awesome!!!

They also have adult game shows in the evenings. I cant tell you about them because I just read they have changed them to all new game shows which I havn't seen yet.

On Castaway Cay they do have an adult only beach with a BBQ eating area which is very nice.
The nursery is great but it is reservation only. They will try to work with you for Palos reservations but it can be tricky.
The nursery limits the amount of kids at any given time so they can offer pretty much one on one care for the kids.

It is $6 per hour 2 hour minimum.
They do limit the amount of hours per cruise that you can use them.

I dont know how many hours, sorry.
But if others cancel or there arnt many people using the nursery they will allow you to use it more.

also starting around 7 p.m. they have a duo in the Promenade lounge. That is a family area, open to the hallway. there is a small wooden dance floor there. many toddlers will bop to the music there in the evenings while their parents enjoy some music before or after dinner. Usually 2 sets per night for music.

Late night, near all the clubs even family clubs, gosh it must be 11:00 or so at night they set out snacks too. grab a few, they are yummy. sometimes we go out to get them and take back to the room to relax and snack on them.

Just because you dont have kids with you, dont miss some of the great family activities on board. we go all the time as a couple and do the trivia contests, family game shows, crafts, drawing classes, and much more.

Dont miss the pirate party too. The fireworks at the end of the party is awesome and the buffet is great!!!

hope this helps you some, feel free to ask any questions and i will be happy to try and answer them.

If you havnt done it already, you can go to DCL's website and order the free DVD. it will show you some of the adult areas and tell you some about it.


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