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We have only cruised twice (3rd booked & working on #4!) and it amazed me on the Ecstasy the attentiveness of our wait staff in the dining room, Loridona actually spoiled us! Each evening, she was able to get the kids (then ages 10/16) to order something from the menu that they'd never had before...and if they would try it for her wether they liked it or not, she'd bring them a special dessert! Last evening of the cruise, camp carnival had their dinner for the kids so my son attended that....she seemed disappointed that he wasn't there...she said she had something for him....she had made many origami animals for him & had a platter of cookies...she said they were just for him...when he returned to the room, she had a note under the cover that she missed seeing his big brown eyes and that she hoped he enjoyed his dining experience with her. She was amazing, I didn't think anyone could top that service. Well, this last trip on the Fantasy, I was proven wrong....again dining staff exceeded expectations again. Kushi was just as good as Loridona, her service, smile, promptness & attentiveness to all 8 of us at the table (this was a cruise for just my boyfriend & myself...and the other guest didn't have their children either)..Kushi spoke to each of us on such a personal level, was entertaining...I just can't say enough.

Don't get me wrong...all of the staff is just wonderful, but these 2 really made my trips enjoyable! I wish I knew what sort of training or class Carnival gives them to remember such detail for each guest...knowing they see soooo many faces each trip and when we get off the boat, they are ready to meet more guest & give them the same level of service. In my "real world of work reality & day to day life" I wish some out there would have just a taste of the training that the crew has that they can be a little more friendly.

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