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I have thought about it andI believe that as babyboomers (the core cruising market) age, more and more are emptynesting, becoming single again and are not waiting around to find someone to vacation with. Solo travel is hot and getting hotter by the day. After a lifetime of doing for everyone else, many empty-nesters are finally saying, "it is now my turn", and are surfing the web looking to far off places to visit, with or without companions.

Therefore, what used to be a few passengers that were handy to fill the lower category cabins may have now become more and more people looking to cruise either solo or just not share a cabin. It may simply be too many requests to the point where it has started to affect their delicate balance of base cost vs. revenue. The revenue generated from the basic cost of each cabin must cover the operating expenses of the ship. Carnival has very little wiggle room to raise their fares and still hold onto their share of the market. Therefore, they hit areas that are not noticed by many. I am sure there are other things that these cruiselines have done recently to balance off the higher cost of operating these megaships.

Also, even when I cruise with a group, family or friend -- I have become so accustomed to my own cabin that I am not inclined to bunk up with anyone who I am not intimately involved with. That may be the thinking that Carnival wants to deter.

However, if Carnival sees a dip in their solo reservations, they may back down and reverse this decision so as not to lose faithful customers (such as myself). The 10 or so Cat. 1A cabins on each ship are not really conductive for use by anyone other than children, teens and solos.

I am now very excited about my little 4 dayer on RCCL since I have only done one RCCL cruise and that was several years ago. If I find that I enjoy RCCL more or like the newness of the difference between the two cruise companies, I will probably bit the bullet and cruise with RCCL for a while even at a higher cost.

Even with the higher port charge, the Blogger's cruise was still a great price. The higher cost was just the trigger that made me say to myself, "why am I even going on this cruise? I have already done Liberty and Glory. Freedom is just the same old same old." Also, it was the principal involved that stopped me.

I am now thinking about doing Imperial Regal 2 day cruise to Bahamas as an add-on to my 4 dayer. This little ship can be enjoyed for less than $200 solo. For me it would be a cute change from the sleek megaships of the mass market cruiselines.

Oh well, what can you do. The price of Orange Juice has also gone up and now I only drink Apple Juice.

Oh but the things I must suffer to survive in this world.

Oh yeah,

Happy cruzin'
(cruzin' solo by design)

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