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Originally Posted by Thoth
"Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Carnival has decided to stick it to the solo cruisers by charging them 200% of not only most cabin fares "
Say it ain't so !! If Carnival hits singles up for 200% on cabins the darn fools risk losing my business. I'm not paying 200% for a frumpy Spartan cabin. 8)
Some cruise-lines ( including RCCL & Celebrity) have offered 200% rates, while Carnival and HAL have worked with me. Take a look at the cruises that I have booked.
What is your date for the Destiny? I am thinking about June 1 for the Destiny. I didn't care for the ship but the port stops are to die for if you like port intensive cruises which I do. Are you soloing on the Destiny?

I have found that RCCL will cut their single supple down to 150% for the bottom categories cabins on slow selling cruises. I think they may be testing the waters a bit.

Carnival IS NOT charging double for the Cat 1A's what they are now doing is charging double the port charges for people cruising alone. They used to charge on a single port charges.

However, to be honest, Carnival is charging $893 for the Destiny on June 1 solo Cat 1A while RCCL is charging $2,145 for the AOS on June 8 bottom category and $1,800 for May 25. Both ships have very similar itineraries leaving out of San Juan. No matter how much I like the Navigator of the Seas in February, I cannot pay an extra $1,300 when I know both ships have very similar service, reviews, complaints, etc.

If I am thrifty and patient, that $2,145 will easily pay for all three of my 2008 cruises. I am spending $425 for my winter cruise, $900 for my summer cruise and approximately $700 or so for my fall cruise for a total of $2,000, less than the cost of that one RCCL AOS cruise.

I am still a Carnival devotee but I am not open to investigating other options when the price is so close.
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