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Originally Posted by flowers
Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
I am now thinking about doing Imperial Regal 2 day cruise to Bahamas as an add-on to my 4 dayer. This little ship can be enjoyed for less than $200 solo. For me it would be a cute change from the sleek megaships of the mass market cruiselines.
We pulled up next to the Imperial. They had a whole deck worth of stairs you had to climb to get on or off the ship. Not for someone even a little handicapped!!!! The ship sure didnt look like much to me.

RCI ships I find to be really pretty, but on the older ships the cabins are itzy bitzy. I wouldnt do another inside on a ship like Sovereign/Majesty. I know some say its fine. Even the Carnival Ecstasy the cabins are tons larger than Sovereign, 185 s.f. vs. 119 s.f. I think Monarch cabins are like 122 s.f., a tad larger. The inside cabin on Sovereign only had 4 little desk drawers to unpack in??!! No shelves in the closet. Nothing other than those 4 thin shelves.

Personally, I didnt find RCI cruises a step up. I liked Princess the best and Carnival is convenient to us Texans so Carnival it will be, except maybe Voyager from now on. I think RCI is no better or worse than Carnival. What RCI does better is the perks for repeat cruisers. Once you hit 10 cruises the perks are much much better than on Carnival.

I also think a lot more twosomes are booking those 1A guarantees than singles. Maybe not couples, but others man and son I meet, sisters, friends, anyone who doesnt need to sleep in the same bed.

We are travelling with a solo cruiser and I just told her what Carnival is doing. I dont want to share a room with her so she might not be going with us again. I am sorry to hear so many singles are upset about the higher prices though. Carnival must be trying to book less singles.
What perks does RCCL offer than "over ten cruises" customers?

I am sure Carnival is trying to nudge people into booking two in a cabin.

I am over the shock of the higher prices but it was just enough for me to cancel the cruise on the Freedom. I need a bit of a change. However, RCCL's prices for anything but their fire sales are still a bit out of my reach. One of their 7 days cruises cost as much as I spend on all three of my annual cruises on Carnival.

Like someone else said, it will just mean that I have less money for me to lose in the casino.
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