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Default Re: Sail and Sign account

>>1. How much will Carnival authorize against my credit card? I plan to use the card on shore and don't want all my available credit tied up on the S&S account.>>

They will hold $200 for a 7 night cruise.

>>2. Can I limit the spending allowance for my kids? Say, let them spend up to $100, and if they are going to go over that, I have to authorize more? I imagine that their accounts will be linked to mine, since I am the one paying the bills.<<

I honestly don't know if you can limit it if you use a card or not. If you want to limit the amount, you might want to put cash down so that you can have a specific amount they can spend. I know that the arcade will only allow $20 per card per day so they can't spend more than $20 per day in arcade!

>>3. Back to #1. Am I better off just giving Carnival cash instead of my credit card for the S & S account?>>

You can check your account daily to see how much you are spending (on some ships, by interactive TV in your room). I use my VISA check card so no credit card bill at the end of the trip! Have a great cruise.



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