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Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
Originally Posted by Trip
If I were you, I would really check into that Imperial Ship..I believe this is the "cruise ship" they send time share looky loos on, that won a free trip AND a cruise, if they buy..I have seen it in Fll, and I don't think I could be happy on this ship, after I have sailed the real deal! JMHO~~~~~
I saw the Imperial when I was in Nassau in October. It is just an idea. I am having second thoughts about that also because it will eat up too much of my vacation so early in the year.

The only thing set for far is the cruise on the Navigator. Anything else is still just open ideas.

Thanks for the heads up.
Yes, thats why I noticed it in port. I, too, won a "free cruise" and thats the ship it turned out to be. Im sure you have to pay port taxes or something. They said I could even give away my free cruise if someone else wanted it....sounds pretty desperate to me and the ship was less than impressive. I got all kinds of calls after I won that free cruise...everyone wanting to know why I didnt want it. I frankly thought it was not worth going to Ft. Lauderdale from Texas for a 2 day cruise.
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