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What perks does RCCL offer than "over ten cruises" customers?

After one cruise (gold) you get a coupon book in your stateroom with 2 for 1 drinks, free Johnny Rockets entry, 5% off merchandise with RCI logo (forgot to use mine), stuff like that. You, also, can get into the C&A coupons which are from about $65 to $125 off inside to Balcony rates. You, also, get a free gift which currently is a RCI logo canvas bag.

After 5 cruises (platinum) you get $100 off a balcony or higher.

After 10 cruises (diamond) you start getting VIP boarding and the good stuff. $200 off balcony rates. You can also get into the consierge lounge I think at Diamond which has free mixed drinks and snacks at night.

Diamond or diamond plus (25 cruises) you get the bathroom thingee with bottled shampoo and stuff.

I know a guy at platinum who is on Voyager in a aft covented balcony for $750 pp, plus he got $200 OBC by sliding his 12 day booking he made onboard into a 7 day.

You can also combine OBCs which Carnival doesnt allow, so many are getting as much as $600 OBC on RCI. Thats why I think the cheerleaders defend RCI so much, they love the perks. By diamond plus some say they get gifts daily in their cabins. One couple told me they have so many RCI bath robes at home they dont know what to do with them all. on Carnival they are having a sale and you can call in for a 2008 cruise, even if already booked and get OBC added....but not if you already have OBC. I have OBC from owning Carnival stock so they wouldnt give me the OBC from the current sale that is running until next Friday.

RCI combines most promotions. You can combine the $200 balcony credit with C&A coupons for money off cabins if the cruise you select is on the C&A coupons. Frankly, I couldnt wait to get into the C&A coupons lol. But none right now for Voyager.

Most folks once they have a lot of cruises under their belt with RCI can cruise as cheap or cheaper on RCI if they plan ahead. Iv probably forgotten a lot of the perks, just know the ones I am interested in. RCI allowed me to keep my stock OBC and combine it with their onboard booking OBC which Carnival doesnt let you do.
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