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Morning All, from Montreal, where summer reigns! I was in shorts and flips flops again yesterday, and today looks to be the same - high of 24C (75F) !!
Unbelievable, and it can stay as long as it wants!

I'm sorry I don't share everyone's passion for baseball, Red Sox or otherwise. It's just not the same since the Montreal Expos went belly up.
Around here, it's Canadiens hockey or nothing!

As usual Doug, thanks for today's "Beach Break". I'm counting down less than 3 weeks now until I see the real thing!

It's Monday, and I'm going back to work for a rest! Another busy weekend spent cleaning, sanding, painting, packing up stuff, along with the regular housecleaning, I'm exhausted!
At least my cold is feeling better. I wish I could say the same about the tailbone pain....

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