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Originally Posted by lumofny
Originally Posted by scolio
do you know if there are special discounts for employees to get massages?
This is from the NCLA employment site. I presume the following is true of massages also:

Is there a place on board to get your hair cut and for manicures?

In order to get hair cuts & manicures they would have to go to the salon on board the ship for passengers. Must check availability & guests come first, so must take whatever is available, if anything. Must get permission from their dept. head and pay set fees plus tip… I believe the fees are somewhat reduced for crew. Considering that the crew has the opportunity to go ashore almost on a daily basis, they could also choose a barber shop/hair salon shore side.
do you know what ship you'll be on already? If you're on the Aloha from what I know of they don't have a hairdresser at this moment so you couldn't get your hair done there. The ship is a little under staffed. You probably could get a massage on shore for a cheaper price and maybe better quality if you want specific attention to certain aches and pains. The Therapists on board are basically taught a specific way to treat each client so that the therapist doesn't wear themselves out over the course of our 8 month contract.
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