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"What is your date for the Destiny? I am thinking about June 1 for the Destiny. I didn't care for the ship but the port stops are to die for if you like port intensive cruises which I do. Are you soloing on the Destiny? "
13 April a solo ! When I said $495 , hopefully I didn't mislead anyone. the actual breakdown...
cruise fare 495
non-commission fair 159
air add on 679
vac prot 129
prepaid tips 70
airport fees 56
taxes 54
total is 1643 They get their money !

"Carnival IS NOT charging double for the Cat 1A's what they are now doing is charging double the port charges for people cruising alone. They used to charge on a single port charges. "
OK...that's good to know !
The Destiny does a port a day, which will be new to me. These ports seem outstanding. I'm not into beaches, bars, or t-shirt shops. What I enjoy is forts, ruins, rain-forest, and wildlife. These ports seem right down my alley...for example on St Kitts I must choose between a hike into a volcanic crater, a train-ride across the countryside, or a 300 year old fort...
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Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews
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