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Phil & Liz
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Re: "In any case, it's not just Carnival."
Yes , as I said "regardless of company" and "I am sure the other lines have their problems too."

News this morning in Houston re: Ecstasy....the ship is in Progresso awaiting an engineer and parts to make repairs.

Guests on the Ecstasy are being offered a 25% refund and 25% discount on future cruise.

We are NOT changing our plans to sail Ecstasy May 2. We are sure CCL will get this fixed and all will be fine.

I do reiterate that perhaps there should be a 1 day "stand down" of ships so that they can be given a thorough inspection. This could not only be for mechanical but health as well. We all recall the Norwalk like sicknesses of the past.

Phil & Liz

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