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Default Back from the cruise with a different slant on things!

I didn't even unpack the power bar, there were plenty of outlets in our room on the Zuiderdam.

Blowdryer was perfect! No trouble there at all!

Because the Zuiderdam didn't have laundry available outside the pricey ''bag o' laundry'' service, next time I would definitely bring more single packages of laundry detergent for doing handwashing in the sink.

The battery recharger WAS used, more than once, so that was a must-have.

I used everything else I'd brought, from the bandaids (blister on my mom's heel from her morning walking) to the highlighter pen to the sun burn cream!

Next time I would remember to bring pony tail holders. I couldn't stand having my hair on my neck, it was much too hot and humid. The onboard stores didn't carry such little things like this. I had to wait until we docked close to a WalMart to get them.

The clothespins for the shower curtain stayed in the suitcase. The curtain was heavy duty and didn't budge.
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