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There have been some really good ideas on things to pack here but the one thing I have found to be a real bonus is the space saver packing bags. They come in various sizes to fit your luggage and you can get lots in them. I got mine at Wal Mart in the luggage dept. You don't need a vacum cleaner to seal them. You load them with your clothes the roll them to expell the air. When we went to Alaska last year I used them for the first time. Packed all our heavy bulky clothing in one and when the air was forced out the bag was about 1/2 the size it started at. I was able to take all our clothing in one suitcase. Left me the second one for all the trinkets I purchased for my granddaughter. Clothes were no more wrinkled than if I'd packed the usual way. To solve that I take along some of the wrinkle relase spray and as I unpack I spary the clothes, hang them up and by the time I'm ready to wear them, they are pretty much wrinkle free. But who cares if I have a few wrinkles, I'm on vacation.

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