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Originally Posted by rms492
Well, RCCL better find a replacement. We don't want Carnival to own the 3-4 day Mexico cruise market out of Los Angeles. I sure would hope RCCL would bring over some of their larger ships to do the 3 and 4-day market, imagine the Explorer class ships overhere?
I will miss the Monarch, I just booked a 3-day on Friday February 15, will make a nice Valentines and Presidents Day weekend cruise!! --Only booked because I heard the news! Otherwise, I would have saved my money to go on Mariner of the Seas for the 7-day Mexico when it comes over to L.A. starting in February of 2009!! Can't wait!
They are bringing a Voyager Class over here. The Mariner will be doing 7 night Riviera cruises out of L.A. beginning in 2009.

But as far as the 3-4 day cruises go, I am sorry to say that we are out of luck. This was posted on another board, and is a letter from RCCL regarding the lack of a replacement for Monarch.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. xxxxx :

We are writing in response to your recent e-mail regarding Royal Caribbean International’s decision to reposition Monarch of the Seas.
Thank you for your comments. We always appreciate feedback from our guests.

As you may be aware, we recently decided to transfer Sovereign of the Seas from our fleet to our sister cruise line, Pullmantur Cruises, which is based in Spain. In association with the transfer of that ship, we also decided to reposition Monarch of the Seas from the Port of Los Angeles to Port Canaveral, Florida, to replace Sovereign of the Seas.

In an ideal situation, we would have all the ships we wanted and we would be able to place them in every port we chose. However, in reality, as the popularity of cruising continues to increase, we find ourselves in the position of not having enough ships to place in every market we would like. Southern California is an example of this, specifically in terms of three- and four-night sailings.

While we are offering year-round, seven-night sailings onboard Vision of the Seas in Southern California, and additional seasonal service by several other ships, we don’t currently have the ability to offer three- and four-night sailings there.

We hope the repositioning of another one of our ship, Mariner of the Seas, from Port Canaveral to the Port of Los Angeles, in February 2009, will provide you with some additional cruising options.

We share your disappointment regarding the void our repositioning of Monarch of the Seas will create in our short sailings from Southern California. We also appreciate your understanding of the difficult circumstances we sometime find ourselves in, such as this.

As our fleet grows and our ability to service more markets increases, we will continue to keep the Port of Los Angeles in mind as we consider options for short sailings in the Southern California market. Until those sailings are available, I hope you will consider the other options we offer from Southern California – or in other parts of the world.

Again, Mr. & Mrs. xxxxx, we thank you for taking the time to write and for your interest in the deployment of our ships. We hope this information is useful and helps explains some of our recent decisions.


Janelle Valentino
Executive Representative
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