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Originally Posted by edongzkisiete
Im not sure if Im able to do it alone.
Although I'd like just to come out and say, you can do it alone, that is a personal decision. You know yourself best.

I travel alone regularly. My best solo trips are on a cruise. But I think is has to do with my expectations. I enjoy the pampering. I enjoy the entertainment. I enjoy being on a ship at sea. I like the smells, the scenary, the food, the sensation of being on a the ocean. I love the shows. A cruise is the perfect vacation for me.

I also love Disney. I can't think of any entertainment that is better than Disney. It is a fantasy world of fun, candy, music..... You might say it's a "Wonderful World, of Color," lol. At Walt Disney World, I had one of my best vacations. They really know how to do vacation. It's a science with them. Couple that with a cruise and it should be an amazing experience. I so much want to try it.

I am most comfortable being around other people... by myself. I talk to people where I am. There are people at the pool, people at dinner, people at the shows, people at the beach.... All of them have been friendly, most have been looking to meet others on the cruise, most are looking to talk to me and other people. That's the nature of a vacation. I do not look for life long eternal friends, nor do I necessarily look for people to hang out with for the rest of the cruise. People are friendly, I try to be friendly. My expectation is to be friendly where ever I am. And I always find nice people. And I'm definately absolutely not looking for a romantic partner on a cruise. Not into the stress of it, even if it "just happened," I'd probably run away from it. But that's me.

And that's the answer. You bring yourself on a cruise. You do not change. You are who you are where ever you go. If you are comfortable being by yourself at home and other places, you should be comfortable being alone on a cruise. You won't change who you are. If you need to be with somebody at home, you will still need to be with somebody on the cruise. The only thing that changes is the scenary, not your personality.

If you are alone because that's what you like, what you prefer, and who you are, great, you will enjoy the cruise. If you are alone because you had difficulty making friends and developing relationships at home, you will find that you are the same person on the cruise. You know yourself best.
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