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1. age 54
2. sex female
3. martial status single
4. have visited this site almost every day since i booked my cruise in feb.
5.not a cruise addict, can't afford to be. addiction would be someone who takes a trip at least 1 a month
7.first cruise in 10 years.
8.i read all travel related articles in the papers, and magazines.
9. yes i would on a humor book on cruising.
10. travel agent for this particular cruise i am going on.
11. no, i bring my own reading material when i travel. i read soap opera magazines.
12. i read the blogs almost everyday mon-fri.
13. i do both for info regarding cruising.
14.this is only my second cruise. i have to work 2 jobs to survive. plus i only get 2 weeks vacation a year l
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