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Glad to help out another Buckeye. Go Bucks!

1. Age: 57

2. Sex: Male/Female Female

3. Marital Status: Married 37 years

4. Approximately how frequently do you visit this site? other cruising sites? Visit this site daily and also others daily

5. Do you consider yourself a cruise addict? If so, how and when did you realize? Yes I'm an addict. I figured that out after my very first cruise in the 80's

6. How would you define Cruise addiction? Someone who can't get enough of cruising, info on cruising, or hearing about someone else's cruise.

7. How many cruises have you taken in the past year? 3 years? In the past year I have been on only 1, in 3 years 3 cruises.

8. How do you quench your thirst for all things cruise related? Read the various cruise line sites, and anything related to cruising.

9. Would you have any interest in a humour book about cruise addiction?
I think that would be wonderful.

10. How do you book your cruises? through the internet? travel agent? I always use a travel agent. It is the best way to go. (I am a travel agent)

11. Do you frequently or have you ever purchase reading material while on board the ship? No, to many other things to do....I can read when I get home.

12. How often do you read cruise blogs and why? For the information? Entertainment? I do a daily run through several blogs for both the information and the entertainment.

13. Do you prefer books/magazines or the internet for obtaining cruise information? I use all three plus the cruise line brochures.

14. As an avid cruiser, how do you keep yourself occupied between each cruise? Visiting sites like this, looking at pictures of past cruises, and planning my next cruise.

When you are finished with this research I would love to see what you found. I hope it is a great success.

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