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As I said, if it bugs you, go on a line besides Carnival-or else don't book a balcony on Carnival. That is what we decided. We still go on Carnvial, we just never book balconies on Carnival.

Hopefully Carnival will in the future, design the balcony doors better on their newer ships. I wonder what the doors will be like on the Splendor?

I also do not like-that on the lido and higher outside decks that there are also doors that don't slide open and closed. I had a person let a door slam behind on me and my ankle was caught-it bled like crazy-and this was a man, middleaged like me,you would have thought he would have held the door for me, instead of slamming the door ON me -I still do not understand how it happened as it was my ankle not the front of my foot and I was right behind him. I guess I must hav ebeen kind've turned on my side. Not sure-I just only remember the PAIN!

One thing though, I honestly don't believe he realized my foot was slammed in the door. He was gone by the time I realized it. So for safety reasons also, Carnival needs to correct this, the doors are super heavy and when it is windy, they just seem to slam almost on their own.
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