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Default Re: Ship's "SECRET" cabins

Originally Posted by bguppies
Originally Posted by Robert6260
I have stayed in cabin 2462 on the Carnival Glory (should be the same for all Conquest class ships). This is a category 1A cabin (upper/lower) but it is outside and has two large windows (not port holes). The cabin on the opposite side of the ship is also the same (2465). These cabins are very nice and are in the least expensive category.
This cabin was available on a cruise on the Glory I was looking at booking for my Wife and I for next fall.
The Glory has upper and lower bunkbeds I presume.
Is there enough room to (or can you?) take the mattress off the upper bunk and place on the floor next to the lower bed?

I thought I had read that this same cabin on some of the Glory's sister ships (Liberty, Valor or Conquest), actually had 2 twin beds rather than the upper/lower berths.

Does anybody know if this is true or have any information? (or was I mis-reading an older post)

I have to say, it sounds like a great deal to get an Ocean View for the price of the cheapest cabin on the ship.

Thanks in advance for any help.....
My friend and I had 2462 and 2465 on the Conquest last year. I can tell you that both of these rooms had twin beds on the floor. These are great rooms for the price. Only drawback is the vibration and noise from the thrusters.

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