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Default Free drinks

Maybe I should put this under jokes, except that tha AA flight attendant who tells the story swears that she really did this a couple weeks ago. . .

A guy on the plane bought a drink and handed the FA a $100 bill.

"Oh, sir, I don't think I can change that," said the FA.

"I didn't think you could, so you'll just have to give me the drink for free," said the passenger.

The FA stared at him for a long moment, then said, "You know, I think I can change it after all," took the $100 and walked up front.

She grabbed the mike and said, "If anybody can change a hundred, please ring your call button. There's a free drink in it for you."

There were two ding-dongs in the coach section. The FA went to the first one, changed the hundred, went back and gave the guy his change. Then she made a great show of giving both people who had rung their bells free drinks.

Does your heart good, doesn't it?
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