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It's been my experience that they will not put different entrees together on 1 plate. Depending on how busy they are they may set 2 plates together on the table at the same time. Other nights they waited till you were done with the first one before bringing another

On the 5 different Carnival ships I have been on it has been real butter. I sail on the Spirit in February and hope the butter is ok.

I have never seen anyone leave the dining room with a dessert so I can't answer that one.

You tip the dining room staff automatically on your sail and sign card. If you decide that they have done such a wonderful job and you want to add to it you can tip on the last dinner night. We always give extra cause they work so hard for us.

I choose the early dining and have never been rushed out of the dining room. If you choose early you are usually ready for a little snack after midnight

For breakfast and lunch in the dining room you can wear shorts.. no bathing suits. Yoy usually only wear suits and ties during formal nights.

Great questions
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