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Default Travel agents-when NOT to work with them

I went at lunch today to book my next, well next September, cruise. I went to one agency who has a good reputation and I was told that if I was not already a client they couldn't take anyone else on because they couldn't give good service (Canadians are booking out of country vacations more than ever now). Uhm, I WANT to give you money, I already new where I wanted to go and they didn't have to sit there and hold my hand while I decide where/when to go and what ship to book. I left there a little miffed, ok, I'll go else where. I went to another one and I really didn't get good vibes when she called the ship a boat and she said she didn't know if they dealt with Carnival or not...EXCUSE me, how can you NOT deal with them, afterall, they do have a fleet of 21 ships! I gave her basic info and asked her to call me back with info--I had no intentions of booking there. I went to another agency close by and booked there, at least the agent I got had been on a cruise and had been to St. Thomas, and San Juan before.

Another reason to NOT book with an agent is when you say X cruise line, X date, and you need air add-on. The agent called me back and said that Carnival didn't have a sailing for that date (Sept 6) on the Liberty, but RCI had Freedom of the Seas leaving on the 7th and promptly quoted me a fare that was for a low deck inside cabin (I was quoted $1500 approximately) and I mentioned a balcony cabin. RCI is NOT Carnival, a inside cabin is not a balcony, and she didn't even have the date right because by the time she called back I had booked my cruise with another agent!

No, travel agents are not all the same.....some are good, some are snobby, and some are some are just plain BAD!!!!

Anyhow I am booked, but the ship doesn't sail until September 6, 2008....

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