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Default Re: Sunny Side of Ship

Originally Posted by Fhorchu
Can anyone tell me which would be the best side of ship for evening sun, i.e sitting out on our balcony drinking a glass of wine we will be sailing from Sydney up the east coast then round to Darwin then back down the west coast and round to Melbourne then over to NZ then back to Sydney (35 days) but having to wait until 24 Feb'09 on Rhapsody of the Seas to sail. any info would be appreciated.
Sydney to Darwin, port side.
Darwin to Perth, starboard.
Perth to Melbourne, port.
Melbourne to the bottom of NZ, starboard (stern).
South NZ to Auckland, port.
Auckland to Sydney, port side.

Basically you do a full anitclockwise circumnavigation of Australia.
Then head South East to NZ then mostly North East to Auckland and mainly North West to Sydney.
The sun will be setting in the North West part of the compass, sometimes more west than North over the top of Ozzy and then in the Kiwi area it will be a lot more towards the Northern part of that sector.

There in lye's the rub.
Which side do you pick?

Port seems to have the most sunset time.

PS I hope the
Originally Posted by Fhorchu
glass of wine
will be Kiwi and Ozzy wines?
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