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Default you're all too kind!

at first i ... duh ... thought you were sailing TO alaska! but y'all anchored me gently - thanks. now, after three cups of coffee i'm really waking up here in nj.

so ... one at-least-for-now last thought or two ... if you're going to tell her - and unless her wardrobe and toiletries are VERY organized - maybe the night before the trip is too last minute. (a certain senior-moment-champion i've known all my-i-mean-her life would be up all night frantic with repacking.)

here's my suggestion : plan to get home from work before she gets home from work, a couple of days before your trip. pick up some FRESH salsa and guacamole at the market, (okay, or stop at taco bell), make up a pitcher of margaritas, rent a burro or two, and hang a 'legal border crossing' banner over the front door. borrow one of those blow-up boats from your travel agent, or tape a ship picture to the front door. when she comes home, greet her with "hola! there's nothing ordinary about it! surprise, senorita muy bonita ... can you figure out what's up? " you have to say this with a rose between your teeth while posing like a mariachi and stomping your feet like a two-year old ... oh, and herb albert must be playing in the background. oh yeah, and you can get one of those cheap pinatas at the dollar store and put the tickets and cruise brochures in there. oh, and i'd like to be a fly on the wall during all this!

have fun. hope i read it all correctly this time ... if you're really going to, oh, let's say china, i'll need a day or two! blessings, rosemary
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