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well, to rest some fears. None of the hotels have a secured parking lot, its no different then the ones in your own town.

Port Canaveral is a safe area, its more industralized than anything. There are no hotels on the water since like Miami's port, the ship just goes down the canal & you are out in the open ocean. There's a few restaurants right on the water you can watch the ships come & go. It's not a big town, more residental than anything until you get near the pier, then it becomes industrial companies & such.

I stayed there this past July - see my review in Tripadvisor (under Sith_Lord, August 1, 2007) and see the pics. You can also see pictures that others took. Your room key raises and lowers the gate to get into the hotel. You just don't drive up & park anywhere you want.

It's not crowded, not sure where these large crowds people are talking about are coming from. The hotel is huge - 4 stories and broken down into 2 giant square sections connected by tropical courtyards. It feels like you are in a jungle type setting. The other two hotels nearby don't have this, they are just plain hotels.

The area is safe - next door is a Italian restaurant & on the other side is some sort of park or something for kids.

ANY hotel you pick you won't be able to see the cruise ships. The cruise terminal blocks the ships & basically even at the highest point of a hotel unless you are sleeping on the roof, you see the smoke stacks. The best place to take pictures of the ships is on the bridge coming into PC.

The Radisson also has a good gift shop right on the property. They have everything you could think of - bathing suits, towels, lotions, sunglasses, aspirins & anything you might need in the tropics or last minute for a cruise.

I would stay here again in a heartbeat - I was quoted $109 for a 1 bedroom jacuzzi suite & only paid $89 when I checked out. Then again, if you hang out at the other board & mention a name or two at check-in, they give you a board discount from what I've heard....but its not this website...its the other cruise **** website & the PC message board that's there until East Coast Departures. The hotel drums up alot of business because of that particular board.

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