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Default Recent Cancellations

Mr. Motter,

Captain Joey's restoration effort seems to have fallen victim to the trust that controls Windjammer. Given the current situation, can you still view Windjammer with a degree of optimism? From my vantage point, the future seems highly questionable unless new owners, with deep pockets take the reins.

Through the Burkes' actions, with the exception of Joey, the most recent victim, the family seems unable and unwilling to do the right things:
- Pay the crews including those who left the ships,
- Provide tip monies previously diverted to other purposes,
- Refund immediately fees paid for cruise that never happened,
- Cover expenses for incidentals created by cancellations: increased air fare costs, hotel bills etc.,
- Fix the time share problem,
- Get the ships sailing soon.
New owners will have to shoulder a fairly large burden, which if not addressed, should and could cause the demise of Windjammer
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