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Originally Posted by qwert
There's no way in hell Carnival (read: cheap) will be making gluten free pizza. They are an inexpensive cruise line for a reason: They provide a ship to several destinations w/ tons of average food. That's it. You cannot go into a cruise on Carnival expecting anything. As I said, if you do, you will be sorely disappointed. That said, I always have the greatest times on Carnival cruises and I count the days 'till my next trip.
While I think that there are some circumstances where Carnival can not possibly cater to a need I think that they do a commendable job accomodating health requirements as they pertain to diets as well as other physical needs. The fact that they are often the best value priced line in the mass market doesn't mean that they ignore these things. We have travelled with a range of issues in our various travelling parties and Carnival has always done their best to meet our needs when they have been provided with appropriate communications prior to our cruises. In my experience a person can most certainly go on a Carnival ship expecting certain things and they will not be disappointed. We all have a responsibility to be proactive where our health is concerned and whether we like it or not this may mean having to make extra travel arrangements, extra communications with special departments, etc.
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