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I forgot to report this in my review....when we were in Grenada at Grand Anse Beach, one of the locals was found in the water face up. There were a bunch of us in the water but none of us saw this man floating in the water. A water taxi was approaching the dock to the beach when one of the passengers from the ship noticed the man floating. Two of the locals jumped in the water and dragged the man out of the water and layed him on the sand. The locals just gathered around him and did nothing, thats when a passenger from the ship who was on this water taxi came running down the dock and started doing CPR. Later we found out the man who worked on this local was an EMT and worked on this man for sometime before he got a pulse. The locals were able to call for an ambulance, which took nearly 20 minutes to arrive at the beach. We were told the man was a diabetic and probably had some form of reaction due to the heat. We've been praying for him.

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