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Default People wanting to bring their own liquor on a cruise

Not to sound mean or any thing because I like to drink too but
carnival does not permit you bring your drinks for the week .
Yes I think you can bring a nice bottle of wine per person?
I know we all like to cut down on as much as we can but lets
think about it ,if everyone started to bring all their own drinks
and they did not make money with you buying drinks they would
be raising the prices for a cruise so high. I think since everything
else is included in the price you pay for cruising you could stop
being worried about the prices of some drinks. I dont think they are
much higher than if you go out for a evening.
if you want your drinks to be included you should do a apple vacation or
funjet or something along those lines and then your
drinks, room,flight,and food are all in the price.


I dont want to make any one mad but thats life.
Everyone have fun cruising and just enjoy. LIFE IS SHORT ENJOY
169 days till my next cruise....

Okay for you all asking questions about bringing liquor on board the ship
go to and on the bottom right click on things to know or need answers everything is there. Has that you can bring a bottle of wine per person or some pop or water.. Who likes coke anyway.. PEPSI please
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