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I wasn't really surprised that they added the fuel surcharge. Realistically with the price of a barrel of crude closing in on $100 fuel is becoming more and more expensive for the cruise lines. Like some of the above posters I wish that they had added it only to new bookings and had just incorporated it into the cost but I don't see much difference between this being added to my final bill and when I see all the airport charges on my plane tickets. It's the cost of vacationing and fortunately it wasn't a huge increase. $5 a day I can spend an extra evening at a show and feel like I've made that $5 worth while. Like many others I really feel that we need to explore other fuel options as soon as possible, it will be good for our environment and will decrease our dependency on oil producing countries.

I'm curious if the huge find of oil in Brazil will drop the cost of oil as their increased production should put more barrels out there on the market. Just a thought that maybe this will be short lived, maybe less of a thought and more of a good dream : )
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