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Originally Posted by DENcruise
I have a question. How much fuel does an average cruise ship have? I know the airlines get fuel at a slightly cheaper rate, not much, but it doesn't have some of the charges you see at the pump.

2nd question. How far can they go on that fuel, do they fuel up every time they come to port? If not, how often. If they are charging $35 per person for a 7 day, at 3000 passengers, that is an extra $105,000 per cruise in a fuel surcharge
The Volendam carries enogh fuel to cruise about 6500 NM.
I think they use about 100 -200 gal of fuel per hour.
Most ships are probably about the same. QE2 , QM2 and QV carry
enough fuel to cruise from the UK to US(NYC) which is about 5000 nm.
On our cruise in 06 the Volendam refuelled at Cartegena because fuel was cheapest. I remember a fuel barge/truck alongside both in Vancouver(start) and San Diego .

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